To make using block-chain technologies available in all spheres, also in household activities of society where it is necessary and with an intuitive use of the algorithm for anyone, not even the advanced user.


We are the company of the near future, the leader on the block-chain technologies market in all spheres of life.


Boris Shulyaev
Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Successful entrepreneur, investor, business consultant, founder and chief of many companies. 2 years ago he founded and leads one of Europe's largest mining farms. Enthusiast of block-chain technologies.

Ruslan Babych
Chief Technology Officer - Founder

Graduated from Kiev National Economics University on the international economics and management faculty. Now he is studying on the MBA program (Global business). From an early age is interested in high technologies and finance. For a long time was trading shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Led the development of IT projects. Works in block-chain and cryptocurrency world from 2013. The reason for the interest was the rising popularity of bitcoin, which prompted him to learn the mechanics of the work of it. After understanding the features of block-chain started looking for the sphere where this technology will bring benefits. Together with his partner decided to use block-chain technologies in crowdfunding and business management, thus organized the development of a decentralized platform called “Minex”.

Vladyslav Zaichuk
Blockchain developer

Full stack developer who is interested in modern technologies and their future. Also, he is interested in web-apps developing and applications of the augmented reality and 3D graphics. Vladyslav participated in the project of developing applications for getting 3D model of the brain within the international scientific program. He likes to make his own decisions and to experiment with different algorithms. In recent years, engaged in the learning of the opportunities of block-chain and development of his own block-chain decisions.

Daniel Shulyaev
Community Manager

Well known in professional circles of European PR. Among Implemented projects – advising to a number of companies, PR-strategies development and models of public relations. The last 2 years has shown interest in the block-chain technologies, and by acquired knowledge has earned his place in the team.

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